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Anything Worth Doing worth overdoing. That was their mantra.

Completely Recommend.

I just finished reading this book, this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The authoress Jo Deurbrouck worked as a riverguide in Idaho for over a decade, and has a nuanced understanding of both people and rivers. The story is about two men, both consummate artists of river running, each in his own way. The story is also about the Salmon River of Idaho, a gigantic wild thing at its peak.

In their first journey, these men run the Salmon from the beaver-dammed Source, all the way to the Sea. I do not know who came up with this idea first, but it is remarkable to actually complete such a journey and they did, in an elegant homemade dory. The second journey told is the last, in which they attempt a distance run on the Salmon at the peak of flood, the goal being to go the most river miles possible in 24 hours. It does not ruin the story to tell you that they do not complete the run, and that one of them dies. You can learn that from the back jacket.

Anyone who is fascinated by the immense power of nature, or the incredible capacities of humans, will enjoy this read. Thank you Jo for finishing it and getting it out there.

*Internet note 8/4/2014: A google search for this title: Anything Worth Doing doesn't get you anywhere near Jo's book, but this book has staying power and if you run rivers, you will eventually read it too. It is of course available on amazon but here is Jo's site:
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