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Naturopathy News: North Carolina Nudges Forward

Today in the mail I received a bit of an Asheville, NC newspaper, discussing a bill that is coming up for vote in the state house. If passed, NC House Bill 969 and Senate Bill 1080 will license naturopaths to diagnose and treat illness.

In states with licensing laws, only naturopaths who come by their degree honestly and pass the national board exams can be licensed. People with internet degrees and other copycats are diluting and devaluing the profession, especially in "unlicensed states". In any state it is the consumer's prerogative to investigate their own health options. A ND degree requires four years of postgraduate study and supervised clinical experience--similar to the requirements for an MD.

I am heartened that North Carolina is on the verge of licensing my chosen field. I would like to live in Western NC. But it's OK with me if they don't pass the licensing bill during this legislative session. I'd just as soon be the 1st licensed naturopath in the state, as to come in after others have already set up shop.

Still, it is a good opportunity to make people aware of the existence of the profession: naturopathic doctor. If anyone reading this lives in the state of NC, please write to your state legislators and educate them. Persuade them that THEY need to see a naturopath.

Thanks to JW for sending the pages.
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