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9/11: Building 7 Fell Down, but it isn't going away

Our government is still maintaining the story that Building 7 fell down due to terrorist activity. The owner collected $861 million in insurance for the building, based on a terrorism claim. But the evidence contradicts this claim, and Senator Kerry has publicly stated opinions that are contrary to the government line. He thinks it fell down because of planned demolition. Ever since I saw the video of the way it fell, I have been convinced of the same, and also convinced that the towers also fell due to carefully placed explosives--and not because of airplanes. Of course, I'm not a demolitions expert, but find one and ask--apparently what looks obvious to me is even more obvious to them. A new tidbit: CNN and BBC were reporting the fall of Building 7 before it actually fell. Terrorism indeed. Here's a good summary and some interesting video:
Tags: 9/11, demolitions, terrorism

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