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Telephones and Health: How to get out of a Mobile Phone Contract

I had a cell phone for 5 years. I enjoyed having a communication device that was independent of my location. But then I read about increasing occurrence of brain cancers correlated with cell phone usage---the studies at the time were coming out of Japan. I also got fed up with escalating work calls on my cell. Eventually I traded the mobile for a home land line and a cable internet connection. The cost is about the same. It is because of the home internet connection that I am able to make entries in this online journal. But now I read that my home phone is just as dangerous. Imagine my chargrin.

Time to buy an old fashioned phone with a wire to the handset.

Also here's a great post on how you can get out of a cell phone contract without paying a termination fee:
Tags: cancer, cell phones, communication, health, internet

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