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VVanEdwards speaks at Science Pub on Body Language

Went to a science pub on body language 9/10/13 in Portland, OR. Notes from that lecture are behind the cut.

Speaker: Vanessa VanEdwards
long list of trainings and certs for this young lady
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners - Fraud Training Education‎
The ACFE is the world's largest anti-fraud organization and premier provider of anti-fraud training education and certification.
cute in nice dress, big smile, open body language on stage
acts out emotions and body language willingly but sometimes withholds on the acting

Paul Eckman (sett)(look him up)
Has a blog where he evaluates each and every episode of the TV show Lie to Me regarding its factual basis
David Matsumotos (subx)

Body language is both innate/universal and cultural
People lie the most over the telephone
Fight lensing/avoid stereotyping, look carefully

same in other primates
Pride - hands up, face up (same if blind)
Defeat - chest in, head down
Sadness - inner eye up, frown or pout
Anger - brow down, lips tense, chin jut, eyes narrow (related to suspicion)
Surprise - eyes wide open showing whites, brow arches
Disgust - lips back, nose wrinkles
Fear - brow up and pulled in toward midline, upper eye whites show, mouth open and back (Oprah, above)
Happiness - cheeks up, crows feet, smile
Superior - looks down nose
Contempt - side of mouth elevated in sneer, body away, eyes may be narrow
Withholding - pursed lips, not saying something
Shame - touch upper forehead, blocking gestures at gut or genitals (she didn't mention lips turned in)
Attraction - lean in, feet point, micro-mirroring
Hate authority - tongue out or midfinger

Botox causes those who get it to experience the emotion less
No smile lines-->less happiness

Teens are worse at reading body language due to technology

power gaze (for work): gaze at eyes and 3rd eye triangle
social gaze: eyes are top of triangle, mouth is bottom
intimate triangle: eyes are top, sternum is bottom of triangle

color sends strong signals
red: sexual passion

Power poses study
assuming power pose lowers cortisol and increases testosterone
she practices power poses before going on stage
power poses-->86% more risk taking at dice, and more wins

across the table-->less recall of what was said, more rejection, shorter sentences
sit at angle to each other for better connection

predicts malpractice suits without content
women lower tone to get respect

keep them out of pockets and above the table to make people feel comfortable
visible = trustworthy, safe
palms = most honest/vulnerable

While Interviewing a Person
1) get baseline by having casual conversation, this is what they look like when telling the truth comfortably, casual chatting. Note: hands, feet, posture, tone
2) Start asking open-ended questions and watch for red flags. Red flats: mouth cover or touch, incongruent nodding and any other mismatch between verbal and nonverbal signals, one sided shrug, leaning/moving away from lie, nose touching/itchy, disbelief/sadness at own words, ventilating, self soothing/rubbing/wringing hands.
3) Find clusters of inconsistencies/red flags and if present, dig deeper, ask for a second meeting run a background check. Look for crimes not reported, fraud, but there may be some other secret causing the behavior.
4) Ask more questions in areas where red flags appeared. Red flags are not a conviction, just a cue to explore further.

Search for cat body language for interesting vids
Amy Cutty Ted Talk
Paul Eckman (sett)(look him up)
Has a blog where he evaluates each and every episode of the TV show Lie to Me regarding its factual basis
David Matsumotos (subx)
Lie to Me TV show (first season factual, second season not as good)
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