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Trip Reports: NF Trask, Opal Creek, EF Lewis

I don't think I've been keeping up with recording all my river runs, perhaps because mostly they've been repeats of runs we've done before. The Trask was a new run for me. I went on it with a local canoe club (group of 12, 9 kayaks, 3 canoes, 1 tandem) because my elbows have been bothering me and I wanted to do something relatively easy. Little did I know that the surfing would be great and I'd work my elbows harder than I do on a creek run. Nothing needed to be scouted here, but there was some wood shifting around so stay on guard.

But what I really want to document here is this vimeo of Portland local Nate running Opal Creek. He runs Big Fluffy, the falls that I have never run, and also the gorge down below. His run of Big Fluffy as at 2:20 and as you can see, there isn't much there to convince a person that it's a good idea. Still I think I can see where he went wrong. He slides toward the left off the rock at the top of the drop, when it appears to me that you want your mo going left to right. So something in the approach has to be different to set up for that mo. Like I said, I've never run it, but it's nice getting to study on the line using someone else's mistakes. I've seen only one good run of that falls, and it was Willie doing the right side teacup line at moderately low water.

I'm studying on the Opal gorge too. I'd like to run it. Looks intimidating in all that black basalt, and there are some definite must make boofs. And there's a mandatory portage which is shown. Note to self: re-watch this before running the gorge.

Another note: at good water levels, at the last rapid on the regular Opal run: Door #4 at Thor's rapid is good. A few waves slap you in the face and then there's a nice boof. Go there again. Don't go through Door #2 at low water; it's best from medium up. I think Door #1 is best at low water.

The EFL on Sunday was a fine day. Group of 9 locals, a little bit of hole surfing carnage, nice runs overall at the falls. I posted a bunch of pix on fb.
Tags: kayak, river, whitewater

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