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River Log: WF Hood, NF Washougal, Upper Wind, etc

I'd like to run this Stebbins Creek:

On the Friday after Thanksgiving we ran the West Fork of the Hood. I didn't remember it being so fun! The first half is incredibly scenic---and somewhat boily, because it's gorged in among blobs of basal. The whitewater on the second half picks up and that last rapid under the bridge is a hoot. Most people scout it from the bridge above, and you cannot see how much it drops from there. There's a lot of elevation lost without a lot of hazards in that rapid----and it barrels toward a swoosh of bent columnar basalt making for awesome visuals.

The weeks we got on the NF Washougal, Opal Creek (the little north fork of the Santiam) and the Upper Wind. I also got to do a midweek Canyon Creek run with just two other paddlers and thoroughly enjoyed it. We hardly caught eddies, rather just floated down with the current and ran everything without a second thought.

My right elbow is suffering from increasing tendonitis that got severe while rowing an 18 foot raft with open oarlocks for 21 days in the Grand Canyon. I am taking a break from kayaking now, hoping to get it started on a healing path.
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