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Biochemistry 310: Blood

What is the molecular distinction between the major blood groups (A, B, AB, and O) ?
The carbohydrates on the surface of the cells differ. Glycolipids and glycoproteins.

What blood type is a "universal donor"?
--I am told that it is now possible to "scrub" the carbohydrates off the surface of any kind of blood and turn it into markerless O blood.
--Type O is the most common blood type, in spite of the fact that it is "recessive" (A or B will override it). Blood type is inherited, you get one from each parent.

What blood type is a "universal receiver"?

Last week my blood was drawn and I had it tested for many things. The cost of all the tests together was about $260. My diet changes and supplementation in the last 3 months have completely brought all of my unusual numbers back into the healthy and acceptable range. In fact my cholesterol is lower than it ever has been! I was surprised at how dramatically my blood changed. The thing I was trying to change was my iron level, which was too high.

What did I do to change it? I stopped eating red meat, spinach with lemon, apricots and other foods that I know to be high in iron. I know what's high in iron because I used to be anemic and I have always thought I needed to consume iron-rich foods. I reduced my intake of meat in general by more than half. I cut my cheese intake by 3/4. I started drinking black tea or coffee with my breakfast eggs, to reduce my iron absorbtion from the eggs. I also increased my intake of raw vegetables, for example I've taken to eating carrots and cucumbers whole. I like them. I went off birth control pills, which boost iron retention. And last but not least, I supplemented with IP6 which I bought online from Jarrow. IP6 comes from rice bran and binds free iron in the blood. I found about it from Mercola.

Now I'm going to relax being strict, stop taking the IP6 and allow myself a steak every now and then, and see what happens.
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