liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Message to the Republican Party

I would have voted for Mitt if:

He wanted to reduce military expenditures instead of increase them by 25%
His humanitarian contributions weren't ALL through the LDS church
He weren't so obviously sexist--especially when he's trying to show that he's not
He had principles that he stuck to whether they were unpopular or not
He seemed honest
He didn't prioritize protecting the wealthy
He didn't boast he would accomplish things that would happen anyway without his existing
He weren't so ignorant/blase about the dissolving middle class
He could show me how his policies would help my small business
He would remove loopholes and handouts to big business especially oil, war, and pharm
He would eliminate our deficit without leaving people hungry
He would eliminate corporate personhood
He were socially liberal, or at least libertarian enough to live and let live
He would not undo all Obama has done
His party weren't so rabidly anti-science
Sununu hadn't made that racist remark about Powell endorsing Obama because of his skin
He would discourage abortion without making women have babies
He admitted that human behavior is increasing the rate of climate change
He respected immigrants
He understood the panic of the youth about the direction our nation/world is headed
He would work to ensure "greatest nation on earth" quality of life for all citizens
He understood foreign policy and would reduce our entanglements
He weren't running against the best president to serve so far in my life
He were more like Ron Paul and less like himself
Tags: abortion, business, corporations, military industrial complex, mormonism, oil, pharmaceuticals, politics, principle, republicans, sexism, taxes, war

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