liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Trip Report: Sat and Sun on the Lower Wind

Here's a friend's photos from Saturday on the Lower Wind. The flow was 112cfs Saturday, 109 Sunday, on the gauge up top.
And some video:

We did it again Sunday and I hand paddled it for the first time. I'm finally learning the lines---it sure did take long enough. I listened to the locals too much and got worked a lot, instead of just doing what I know how to do. In the final set of falls one of our number suffered a shoulder dislocation. We've been having a lot more carnage in this set of rapids than we have in previous seasons, and everybody is somewhat sketched. I think it is a psychological shift due to the two recent kayaker deaths in our area, as well as having one of our regulars swim the bottom two falls after a bad run in the tall one (#2).
Tags: death, kayak, psych, risk, river, washington, whitewater

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