liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

stop the FDA from regulating vegetable juice

The FDA and its (corporate, pharmaceutical) supporters want to require federal licensure for natural health products such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, massage oils, and even vegetable juice! They're trying to sneak a law through but the word is out. The comment period ends on April 30, so please let 'em have it soon! There's a description and a link to the FDA comment site on this page:

The FDA should not involve itself in attempting to regulate every single item that could be considered medicine. Take carrots for example. They are supposed to support good vision. It would be ridiculous for the FDA to require licensure for anyone to sell carrots as medicine, and yet they are medicine. Good medicine. So where to draw the line? Draw it where the pharmaceuticals want it, and you will have mass rebellion on your hands. We can grow herbs in our gardens. We can dig minerals from the dirt. We can use creek rocks for our massage. And we will. We the people look forward to the day when the FDA serves the people, and works for the safety of the people, instead of merely inconveniencing any pursuit of health that does not fill the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry. Come clean, FDA. Save your soul.
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