liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Why my posts aren't so medical anymore

I've started creating a naturopathic "black book" in which I'm compiling diagnostic and treatment information for the conditions which come up in the course of my clinical education. This project eats all of my free time. Medicine is, for me at least, an infinite subject. I'm near the end of this education. I feel the need to make some decisions about how I will practice. What will MY protocols be? What will my treatment hierarchy be? When and to whom will I refer? I'm also considering how I will practice when in a state where I can legally practice medicine and prescribe pharmaceutical medications, as versus when I am in an "unlicensed state" and must not diagnose or prescribe. I'm sorting among the opinions of a great many doctors, doing the research to decide what I will do, and keeping those notes off this record. It just wouldn't be right to give away naturopathic trade secrets online. Though the astute reader can deduce a great deal about the field from the four years of assorted notes I have posted here.
Tags: licensing, medicine, my practice, naturopathy

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