liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Sushi tour about to begin

W wants to try sushi in spite of two bad experiences with food poisoning due to fish. Perhaps he does not know the can of worms he is cracking open. I can't get enough sushi once I get started. I'll introduce him gently tonight with a California roll or somesuch. =-]

Bara sushi is my neighborhood sushi source
happy hour 5-6:30 every day and all day Tuesdays
they don't like it if you don't buy drinks

Saburo's sushi on Bybee
no happy hour that I can tell
always a huge line to get in there, best to go early

Bamboo sushi is sustainable and recommended
happy hour is 4:30-6:00
310 SE 28th ((Stark/Burnside))

Yuki's happy hour is 2:30-5:00 ($1 sushi!)
best sushi in town is the word
903 NE 23rd (btw Lovejoy & Kearney)
There is a Hillsboro location. But I've been told the location on 23rd is the best.
Tags: diet, fish, food, oceans, portland, sushi

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