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Using EFAs

Clinical applications for EFAs
Tori Hudson, ND
Hosted by Nordic Naturals

(dosing specifics went straight into my tx protocols, not here)

mg doesn't tell you exactly what's in there
need to understand EPA and DHA
use for all inflammatory conditions, preg and child development, cancer prevention and treatment, skin dz, fatty liver, osteoporosis, mood etc etc etc

competitive inhibition limits release of AA and pro-inflammatory prostaglandins

LA (omega 6): eczema, hair loss, liver or kidney, behavior, hyperhydrosis, infx, male sterility, miscarriae, growth retardation, circ probs

ALA (omega 3): HTN, TGs, learn impair, poor motor, tingling, mental deterioration, plt agg, miscarriage, growth retardation, dry skin

in preg: incr ut bld flow, optimize gestat length, reduce prematurity, optimize birth wt, incr milk nutrit, brain and retina development, cognitive development, decr postpartum depression

cod liver oil
optimal for preg, breast feed, child development
has mostly DHA
cheap way to get omega 3's

evening primrose and borage oil high in GLA

importance of correct dosing must be impressed on pt
write down how much of which component is desired
product name, dosage
nordic naturals at a discount at her clinic

oil supp vs fish
oil: environmental toxins removed
economic: eating fish not cheap

flax oil
not a substitute
inefficient and insufficient way to deliver EFAs
less than 15% conversion of flax oils to EPA
vegans at incr risk of fatty acid deficiency

not much research on it
EPA and DHA amounts much smaller?
phospholipids better penetrance??
expensive, use is largely theoretical

Mechanisms in CV dz
inhib plt agg
promote vasodil
improve endothelial fx, membrane composition
reduce inflam
lowers TGs
regulates rhythm
(don't give fish oil to lower LDL)
lowers BP
incr arterial elasticity

why nordic naturals is a brand she promotes
she is convinced that the re-esterified TG form is bioavailable: 70% better absorbed
most supps are ethyl esters: synthetic
3rd party analysis of oils
manufacturing in oxygen free environment-->less oxidation, fresher oil
tests broadly for toxins, exceeds safety standards
general product rec for healthy pt (preventative): pro-omega 2 bid 640EPA 450DHA
Tags: brain, fish, lipids, mercury, nutrition

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