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Herbal Formulating for Urinary Conditions

Eric Yarnell @ NCNM Grand Rounds, 1/23/12
fresh plant medicine has gone away from our medicinal formulating
"it's expensive and difficult" --Dr Yarnell "It's cheap and difficult" --Dr Curry

ok to go look at standard formulas to get base formula ideas
then customize to the individual and situation

pt usu active, shifting positions, restless
tx: consider tea form for liquids
tx: spasmolytics
(opiates are not spasmolytic, they cause smooth mm to contract, if pt is on opioids, take them off, use alpha blockers or nsaids for pain if you must)
tx: aquaretics
tx: cooling herbs if feverish, anxiolytic if amped up, modulators of inflammation
tx: something for nausea


Ammi visnaga khella seed is strong spasmolytic, also used for angina, asthma, biliary colic. Better tolerated than Lobelia. North African plant that grows well in Oregon. Is leader in his ureteral colic formula. Dose: 1-2mL tid, q2hrs. Don’t take too much, “something bad happens”. Contains furano coumarins (photo sensitizing).

Lobelia inflata (nauseating) drop dosing, dose is very individualized. He rarely includes in a formula. He vomits at 1 drop, some individuals can take 5mL. Push it up to the nausea threshhold. Low dose is more stimulating.

Piscilla piscipula (Jamaican dogwood)(bark, narrow distribution)

Gelsemium sempervirens (5-20 drops per dose, 1:3 tincture, TOXIC).

Hyoscyamus niger (henbane) TOXIC Anticholinergic, most specific for urinary tract.

Kava is nice spasmolytic more for skeletal muscle.


Apium graveolens (celery) stem/seed/root

Solidago canadensis (goldenrod) herb, yellow spire flower, wonderful inflammation modulator, very abundant and weedy, species all over the world. Also used for allergies, colds.

Taraxicum officinalis (dandelion)

tx: kill bugs, immune modulation/stim: Solidago, Berberine containing, Arctostaphylos uva ursi is urinary antiseptic and astringent. Consider Juniperus communis strong antimicrobial diuretic and inflammation modulating, urinary specific.
(Mahonia not well absorbed, not ideal urinary herb)
tx: flush bugs: Vaccinium
tx: soothe with demulcents, Ulmus tea separate, Althea in tincture is immune modulator not demulcent in tincture
tx: spasmolytics:
tx: lymphogogue if recurrent or chronic, Phytolacca TOXIC antiviral

Arbutus menziesii is madrone, family ericaceae all urinary herbs, leaf. 5x more arbutin than uva ursi. 30% alcohol to tincture fresh, take leaves that have fallen from tree. 1mL in a formula is plenty. Manzanita is good too, more powerful than uva ursi.

Calendula officinalis, Gallium aparine for head/neck
Phytolacca americana for breast, neck, general, fall back herb
Aescelpias tuberosa/asperula for lungs, aka immortal en espanol
Ceanothus greggii and Polymnia uvedalia (bear's foot) for abdomen
Fouquieria splendens (ocotillo bark)(slow growing, illegal to harvest in AZ but clear it when building houses)(tastes good to me) for pelvis, classic cancer herb
Viola spp general, esp for mesenteric LNs

Juniperus lead antimicrobial
Arbutus or Arctostaphylos antimicrobial synergist
Solidago diuretic
Zingiber synergizer
Fouquieria splendens lymphagogus
Santalum oil drops

Eryngium yuccafolium, rattlesnake master, root, wide distribution Texas to Carolinas, not a common commercial herb, another sp meritima is European. Urinary tract herb, astringent. Inflammation modulator, esp for chronic prostatitis, IC. Great for men because of name. Potent, use low doses, 1mL or less / dose.

Centella asiatica, gotu kola. Adaptogen. Whole plant is useful. Grows in moist areas, tropical plant that is temperate tolerant. Mulch heavily in winter or move inside. Calming sim to Withania. No toxicity, OK in preg and lactated. Antifibrotic SIG: more the merrier. (for adhesions, post surgical, peyronie's dz, contractures) Topical (cream of any lotion plus tincture) and internal.

Glycyrrhiza glabra. "The most important herb in the world." In nearly every formula. There is a safe dose, ignore the HTN fear campaign. Perfect herb for pts with renal failure even if hypertensive.

Lespedeza capitata (round-headed lespedeza)great for pts with renal failure. SE: nausea dt astringent nature.
Ganoderma lucidum (reishi, ling zhi) if kidney component to HTN.

Urtica dioica seed, nephroprotective vs glucose, metals, etc.

Rheum palmatum, low doses of rhubarb root, cooked, subcathartic doses. Lots of chinese research on it as kidney protector.


Dioscorea villosa is Wild Yam, excellent antispasmodic. Deciduous forest plant, problem with habitat loss, be aware of sourcing. Heart shaped leaf. SE: nausea, pair with ginger to avoid. Yarnell likes to combine this with Fumaria for acute. Dosing: 1mL tid, if v acute give up to 6x/day.

Fumaria officinalis aka fumitory is fave antispasmodic of Yarnell’s, learned from Weiss, easy to grow, Mediterranean herb. Amphoiteric gallbladder effect: calms spasm and stimulates if stasis. Not best acute, for mild cases and prevention, use tincture or tea. He hasn’t seen in capsules. Dosing: 1mL tid. Can be used longterm.

Atropa belladonna for intestinal, acute biliary colic, TOXIC. He uses leaf tincture but root is OK too, use 75% less than this dose. SIG: start with 10 drops of 1:5 tincture, if not better in 30 minutes take another 10 drops. Use 30 drops of 1:10 tincture. Whole belladonna much safer and just as effective as parts. Works for pesticide poisoning. SE: dry eyes, if any confusion or visual effects then give activated charcoal for an overdose, watch like a hawk, may need a cholinergic agent.

Corydalis yanhusuo 5-10 drops starting dose (yan hu suo root), Hyoscyamus niger (henbane),

Demulcent: Althaea officinalis marshmallow root. (Ulmus slippery elm is getting killed by Dutch Elm disease.) Use as powder, tea, or cold infusion, avoid liquid extracts. Not much fat in here but if not hyperacute you can give sludge by mouth.

Echinacea angustifolia root. Immune modulator. (not purpura above ground parts which minimally stims immune) 5mL tincture/hour for acute crisis with suspected infection.
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