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Cat Chronicle Landmark at the 11th Snow

The prediction is for 2-4 inches tonight. When I got home a little while ago Shakti had manifested her huntress nature for the first time; she caught a small grey bird. There was just a little snow sticking and the bird was beside the walk, laying on its back and breathing hard from being tormented. My hands were full and I just kept walking. While it is sad for a bird to die, it is also the natural way of things for cats to hunt and to toy with their food. Shakti was looking at me as I closed the outside door, leaving her alone with her prize. Once inside I set to putting things away.

Within seconds the kitten had gone halfway around the building and come in through her cat hole, muttering in her usual pitch. I was trimming some fresh flowers, so I didn't pay much attention to her. Suddenly there was a flurry of activity on the floor at my feet. Shakti's prize was flapping at my feet and she pounced on it with the same ferocity I have seen her apply to inanimate toys, leaving splashes of tiny grey feathers on the floor. I immediately grabbled a plastic wrapper from the flowers, bent over and grabbed the bird, dropped it in a trash bag and headed for the door. The kitten didn't seem to understand what had happened, and was meowing fiercely and looking everywhere. I went outside and tossed the bird in the trash.

By the time I returned she had calmed down some. The kitten was pacing my small apartment, looking for the bird, still. I patted her on the head and went back to my chores. I mix my yoga practice with everything. I apply the five principles of Anusara yoga while I am washing the dishes, when I am bending over to pick up a book, when I am sitting at the computer. Tonight I have an energy that I haven't felt since before the Salt trip. I want to run like the wind. I wish there was enough snow to ski, I would make a long trail tonight....but it won't be that much. I may still go out in it just because it may be the last time the ground gets covered for this season, and I think it is beautiful.

The first principle is opening to grace. Snow is grace that falls from grey skies.
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