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How fat was the Buddha?

Odd thoughts this morning in my meditation. It is good to be home again. I don't have the same kind of comfort and relaxation anywhere else.

Are American Buddhas fatter than Asian ones?


I am in a big city and I am going to my mother's house. I am travelling by skateboard, and barefoot, and I have a small pack on my back. I start out riding the edges of small city streets, and then I end up on a four lane thoroughfare, kicking along with heavy automobile traffic. The sides of the divided road are grassy and full of deciduous trees. Then the road tilts downhill, and I don't have to kick anymore. I am taking up about 1/2 of the right lane, and cars are flowing around me, but I'm going pretty fast so the flow is easy. Then there is a stoplight ahead. My two lanes split into three, one of which is turning left. It is a T intersection. The left turn lane is separated from the two right hand lanes by one lane of incoming traffic. I opt for the left turn lane, and being on the right side of it puts me right next to the oncoming lane. When the light turns green I manage to land safely on the sidewalk on the far side. On the sidewalk are all manner of young people, all colors, riding bikes and skateboards, hanging out at the bike racks, sitting at the little shelter at a bus stop. They seem very young to me, and I guess that they are students at a nearby school.

I wake up.
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