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Leslie is the most miserable person I know

I put a blooming orchid in the bathroom last night as a gesture of goodwill and to beautify the common space. I moved the bundle of cheap plastic flowers. This morning at 6am Leslie woke me up with her bitching through the walls at my having put live flowers in the bathroom. She said "Too bad, you don't like that, too bad." She woke me in a bad way with her bitter ranting, and made it clear that she didn't like the orchid. She shoved the orchid to the side to put her plastic flowers back. Later I took the orchid back to my room. Cheap plastic flowers for the bathroom it is.

I look forward to living far far far from her nasty energy. Such vicious sarcasm and oozing hatred is poisonous to everyone. My cat can't stand her. I keep trying to keep my heart open, to give her lovingkindness. But it is really challenging. I positively despise her at this moment. She will rot in her own hell no matter what I do.



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Mar. 28th, 2007 03:35 am (UTC)
Leslie's grave misdoing and the orchid origin
Her mother died when she and her twin sister were 7 months old. She was shuffled among distant family members who didn't want her. I think she feels guilty for just existing. So I try to be kind to her. I understand that she didn't choose this life, it just happened to her. And it is obviously difficult....

I'm not really stuck here. I actually enjoy this living space greatly---with the big EXCEPTion of Leslie. So I post about her instead of about all the good things, but there are good things.

The orchid is one of many that I have adopted after their blooms have fallen and other people have lost interest in them. My boss buys one for everyone in the office each Christmas, and they get left behind and accumulate on my windowsill... They seem to bloom again even prettier after having some time to rest.
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Mar. 28th, 2007 09:11 pm (UTC)
personal responsibility
Yes I've heard your rants about people having the right and the ability to choose------and we are in agreement about this. It is unfortunate that so many people feel powerless even when they are not. I take it you're back in Ohio. Is that choice working out for you??



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