liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

I got my first scholarship!

Nice things in the mail today. I got a President's Scholarship that is $2,400/year with a four year max. And I got a pair of alpaca socks in the birthday box from my dad that made me cry. (Thanks for those and for the help with school.)

I'm headed out in about an hour for the Apache reservations in SE Arizona. I'm going on a 6-day Salt River Wilderness run with Nelbert and other local boaters.....last night the river got up to 1,000 CFS, which is just enough for rafters to be happy.

Here's the gage. I don't think it will get much higher in the next 6 days because it has already been very warm for 2. But you never know.,00060

Back a week from today.

PS. My biochemistry exam this morning was too easy.
Tags: money, river

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