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Americans cranky about how things are going (poll results)

NYT/CBS poll on mood of Americans: we're cranky, displeased

notes and paraphrasing from NYT report based on New York Times/CBS News poll
nationwide telephone survey, n=1,224 adults, +/- 3% sampling error
70% say we're going in the wrong direction
Americans more pessimistic about the economy and direction of the nation than at any time
except for the first 2 months Obama was in office, during the Great Recession
problems causing bad attitude: gas prices rising, unemployment still here, our governmental process derailed into BS, financial solvency in doubt
shift seems recent: 13% more people think economy is getting work relative to last MONTH
everybody's ratings are down: Congress (both parties), Obama
Congress: 100 days of divided government, new Republican House leadership-->75% disapprove
Obama: 57% don't like his handling of the economy, that's the most ever, sim on budget deficit
(more people disapprove of the Republicans on the deficit)
about the same disapproval for Obama on the budget deficit, though more disapprove of the Republicans approach
do people believe that cutting the deficit will create jobs? 29% do, 29% it will cost jobs, 27% no effect
46% approve of Obama's performance, 45% don't
Obama's Libyan war: 39% approve, 45% disapprove (last March 50% approve, 29% disapprove)
72% liked ending tax cuts for people earing over $250K
75% fed gov should provide health care to elderly
56% fed gov should provide heatlh care to poor
55% want fewer svcs from smaller gvt, 33% want the opposite, "continuation of trend"
more for than against: Rep Ryan's proposal to turn medicare into insurance subsidy (I'm against it!)
2x more would prefer cutting fed as raising taxes
6+/10 think Medicare is worth the cost (exception to above finding)
between military, social security or medicare, 45% would cut military, 17% soc secur, 21% medicare
2/3 don't want to increase debt ceiling! almost 50% of dems
of course the NYT has to point out that govt would immediately run out of cash
party line split: deficit, Medicare, Social Security
56% don't like republican party, 37% like it
49% don't like Dems, 44% do
41% don't like Boehner, 32% do, 27% no opinion
39% economy is getting worse, only 28% said that in Oct

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