liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Fluoride Ingestion from more sources than I realized

Obviously Mercola has been studying hard on fluoride lately, because he keeps posting about it. Unfortunately it is becoming apparent that we are ingesting this toxin with our food, not just from drinking water. And as usual the EPA, FDA and business have danced their dance, compromising the health of the people for the profits of business. Fluoride is in a fumigant used on produce, especially walnuts and raisins out of California, and other foods are also suspect. Bottom line: whole organic food is just about your only way to avoid all the nasty shit that industry puts on food. Better yet: whole organic local homegrown food.


A GOOD ORG where you can find answers to legal questions and TAKE ACTION
Tags: cancer, epa, fda, fluoride, food, mercola, prevention, public health, toxins

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