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Voting reform: let's go back to paper

Our last two elections were stolen. The documentation is out there but the corporate media has cast not just shadows of doubt, but aspersions on anyone claiming such things. I have had many people attack me personally for being unamerican enough to suspect that the Shrub Regime CHEATED. When the next election rolls around we will still be voting on machines, because the apathy is too thick for immediate change. The situation will get much worse before people pull their noses out of the TV. The next Bush brother, Florida Shrub, or Tom Delay or one of the other cronies will be elected president in 2008. (A letter I got the other day from John McCain indicates that he's falling into line with the Shrubs and he may be our next presidential threat.) Regardless of which figurehead the regime sports in the top spot, the pre-emptive oil-rich-country-occupying wars will continue. The rape and pillage our our nation's reputation and wealth will continue. The world domination for a profit will continue. The empty nationalism will continue. (Read about Milosevic's nationalism!!) Bogus elections are a cornerstone of FASCISM, and that is exactly what we have going on here.

Bad times are coming and I don't know what else to do but write a stinkin' blog. ARGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!

UPDATE 7/5/06: Arizona Passes Paper Trails! Arizona just passed a law requiring a paper trail on every voting machine in time for the November election. Arizona is the 27th state to require a paper trail, adding to the growing public demand for paper trails nationwide. The law also requires a random audit to detect any discrepancies in the vote count.
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