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Example of Modern Homeopathic Thinking

Here's something that was just posted to linked in the other day. I got it because I am a member of a naturopathic discussion group:

this posted to Linked In in late July 2011, by Dr S N Rashid:

Dear Homeopathic Practitioners,

When the whole world was in love with the conventional system of
medicine and were hypnotized by the massive curative power of
antibiotics, antihistamines, various, channel blockers,
immunosuppressive drugs like steroid, etc., the homeopathic
practitioners of Indian subcontinent were deeply involved in
experimenting with the system of homeopathy.
Eminent researchers of homeopathy made various experiments with the
doctrines of Organon of Hahnemann relentlessly, but could not achieve
the desired goal of curing chronic diseases. Only two doctors of west
namely, Drs. Garth Boericke of USA and O A Julian of France mentioned
the name of antigen and antibody concept of immunotherapy as the
probable curative mechanism behind the curative action of homeopathic
pharmacology. We can find the evidence of this statement in the two
books, (1) A compend of the principles of Homeopathy and (2) A
treatise on Dynamised Micro-immunotherapy. This drew our attention to
the different approach of introducing immunology to explain the
Hahnemenian concept of` “Similia Similibus Curantur” in a more
acceptable scientific way. Moreover in the book of H.C Allen named
“Materica of The Nosodes” we found the indication of using a
homeopathic drug named “X-Ray” without sufficient symptomatic basis,
instead of well selected remedies based on symptomatology. In the
article named “Provings of the X-Ray”, we found the argument of
supporting the use of X-Ray, instead of using symptom based selected
remedies, Dr. H.C Allen could not show sufficiently strong ground
without the support of the scientific basis of immunology. With our
knowledge of advanced immunology, we can justify the curative effect
of attenuated toxin of X-Ray irradiated alcohol on the immune system
hidden in the bone marrow, which cannot be achieve by any other
homeopathic drug from any origin without the radioactive effect.
Tags: homeopathy, immunology, radiation

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