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Is Psychopathy Curable?

Simon Baron-Cohen, Cambridge University psychology/psychiatry prof, director of Autism Research Centre
expert developmental psychopathology
doesn't like word "evil", says we need new theory of human cruelty, more science on "evil"
theory: evil = lack of empathy
this condition is measurable, monitorable, and mb treatable/educable

empathy = 1) the drive to identify another person's thoughts and feelings, and 2) the drive to respond appropriately to those thoughts and feelings
between two people, ex: Nelson Mandela and F. W de Klerk-->end apartheid
"erosion" of empathy-->personal and international trouble, Israel/Palestine type impasses
Nazis made lampshades and soap out of Jew's bodies

B-C's book comes out in July:
"Zero Degrees of Empathy" is title in Britain, "The Science of Evil" in US
works on concept of empathy from many angles: endocrine, nature vs nurture, early childhood, etc
brain "empathy circuit = 10 regions of brain
empathy spectrum: zero to six, measure wtih empathy quotient test
he says it's a bell curve
low end = psychopaths, narcissists, borderline personality disorder
not evil:--->sick, "disabled", empathy deficient
doesn't say they can be cured but wants to try, thinks empathy can be taught and practiced

my thought: the Buddhists do it with the practice of lovingkindness
and Dr Mate points out that this practice is helpful for addicts
and another thought of mine: early childhood emotional deprivation-->limbic underdevelopment-->psychopathy
depending on the level of neural plasiticity present in adults limbic pathways may be added ...??


and what if we expected business to act according to the values that we expect of people???
Tags: books, borderline, buddhism, business, corporations, culture, empathy, narcissism, psych, psychopaths, values

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