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Still Supporting Ron Paul

Today is the Ron Paul campaign-starting Money Bomb. I already contributed. Even though many people do not take him seriously, any opportunity to get his ideas better represented in the public discourse is beneficial to the Republic. I ride the line between left and right. If the two ever should meet we would have a new middle position, different from the existing one that has sold out.

Here's where you too can give $20.12 or more to keep the debate going:

If I had a choice between Obama and Ron Paul I'm not sure what I would do. But I would LOVE to have that choice. I believe in foreign policy conservatism combined with social liberalism. On the domestic front I would hate to see all our social services eliminated, however I am positive that more appropriate care could be provided with considerably less waste. And there is no doubt that a great many people on the dole are quite capable of doing productive work; they just don't want to and have learned how to work a system that is slack. So as a nation we have work to do. Unfortunately the political discourse rarely touches on anything resembling reasonable... Both Ron Paul and Obama are reasonable men who are only driven to unreasonable behavior and statements by the parties and situations that corner them.

If you don't know already, Dr Paul's polling numbers show that he has the strongest support for a presidential race that he ever has had. The Republican default man is Mitt Romney the vacillator and if he gets the nomination it will be proof that the Republican party is right; the majority of American voters are clueless. Herman Cain is interesting but I can't see the Republican party picking a black man to run against a half-black man. Palin is an idiot and her popularity confirms the ignorance of a large segment of Americans. I don't know much about Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty but my source tells me they don't have a chance. I don't really follow the news much these days, I have friends who do it for me. =-]
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