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IV Therapy (week 9)

Mega C Antiviral formula
use only with pts not better with basic immune IV
100ml is whopping dose of vit c, 50grams, must test first for G6PD
not for the faint of heart, mb irritating/"phlebogenic", is pro-oxidative in veins: forms H2O2 in blood which can't be removed because G6PD-->lack of GSH, causes hemolysis of RBCs (fava beans do it too)
max 20grams in female pt without testing for G6PD, it's more in men dt being X-linked gene
G6PD mb induced by drugs, see brochure, vit C OK in normal therapeutic doses

Deficiency of G6PD in the alternative pathway causes the build up of glucose and thus there is an increase of advanced glycation endproducts (AGE). The deficiency also causes a reduction of NADPH which is necessary for the formation of Nitric Oxide (NO). The high prevalence of diabetes mellitus type 2 and hypertension in Afro-Caribbeans in the West could be directly related to the incidence of G6PD deficiency in those populations.[7]

Formula for arrhythmias
Mg, Mn, Cu, K, Se, Taurine, L-carnitine, sterile water
pts should be on oral protocols too, not just IV's
taurine good for heart and nervous system, anti-siezure, manufacture of bile (taurine deoxycholate)
need advanced IV therapy training to give aminos via IV
carnitine also essential for heart fx
amino acid IV product is buffered to alkaline pH (so is folic acid)
mix this with acidic components like minerals above and you can get precipitate

before doing IV drip
CBC, CMP, check for edema
PARQ "feces occurs", document, get consent form

ND's can only give nutrients, vitamins/minerals, via IV form
unless get advanced cert, then can give GSH, herbs

if you're going to use vit A shake it up really well
fat soluble solution needs emulsifier added

Tissue and Wound Healing protocol
Se, Zn, Mg, Vit A, B5, B6, B complex 100, ascorbic acid, proline, glutathoine, taurine, DMSO, .45% saline
proline and vit C for collagen
DMSO for anti-inflam

Charting and documentation of IV therapy
"Legible is good. We can all write like doctors"
site of IV, name vein and side
type and size of catheter
type and amount of carrier fluid
nutrients added including mg/ml and volume (blank % x10 = mg/ml)
VS before, during, after
drip rate/push rate
documentation of when checked pt during infusion
discontinuation time, pt status, "catheter d/c intact"
make a comment about the IV site:
"no evidence of edema, infiltration bruising or excessive bleeding at (specific) IV site"
if evidence of trauma she recommends arnica, ledum tx
assessment: how pt tolerated tx, instructions for after care, discharged from clinic in stable conditions.
plan: use log sheet for formula specifics rather than writing them out

some docs have specific written order that they want
pt name, date, med type, solution type/amount,
rate of infusion, route given (push or drip), catheter or butterfly

Common errors

keeps track of lot and expiration date to know which patient got which product

a 10ml vial costs $39
very potent, packed under nitrogen, once vial is entered it is spoiled immediately.

Ascorbic acid
from corn or not?
now FDA not allowing synthetic? all corn? reason given for recent change in osmolarity

spread sheet for pricing IV based on materials used
or give standard price...
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