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IV Therapy (week 8)

week 8
file #1 is purely for reference, on nutrition, daily intakes, rdas, etc in a chart
(print a copy for black book)

calculation for next week includes osmolarity and drip rate calculation

"the standard IV push"
named for John Myers, MD or Baltimore, MD who thought outside the box
used this formulate for 25 yrs to tx chronic conditions
didn't keep great chart notes: exact formula never set in stone
died in 1984, Dr Alan Gaby took over patients who wanted to continue the tx
Dr Gaby changed the formula some
then: 10ml syringe o give MgCl2, Ca glucontate, thiamine, B6, B12, B5, vit C and dilute HCl
now: MgCl2 hexahydrate 20% 2-5ml, calcium gluconate, hydroxycobalamin, pyridoxine HCl, Dexpanthenol, b complex 100, Vit C, sterile water

INDIC: asthma, migraine, CFS, fatigue, mm spasm, URI, sinus infx, etc etc
"you can't get enough vit C in orally, it has to be IV" 1200% incr in oral-->25% incr in serum levels
**need at least 10-15mg/dL in serum to work as antiviral
10+ grams of vit C is enough to induce antiviral levels in blood

*know what's in B complex 100: thiamine, riboflavin, pryidoxine, dexpanthenol, niacinamide, mg/ml not same, 100 for thiamine and niacinamide, 2mg/ml for the others
*typical push rate 1ml/30sec but slower for first 5ml or new patient, watch for rxns
ask: do you taste anything? some pts can taste B vits
some peeps can't tolerate glutathione faster than 1cc/min, experience band around head
so she gives anything with glutathione at 1cc/min for everybody
200mg/ml is concentration of glutathione, pull up right before use, mix with equal volume water
dose starts at 600mg so 3ml
Dr Perlmutter recommends as much as 800 mg/day for Parkinson's, others have said more
Dr Szabat likes alpha lipoic acid and methyl B12 for neuro conditions
ala doesn't "play well" with other nutrients, sunlight/any light
push ala first, clear line with saline, then glutathione, clear line, then B12

hep C
Burton Burkson Las Cruces NM
unique formula
ala iv and low dose oral naltrexone to tx hep c and panc ca
observational case study in ? integrative cancer therapies?
stopped panc ca with liver mets in tracks
what about high dose vit C? she's thinking about alternating C and others

too much-->resp arrest, antidote: calcium gluconate
MgCl2 appears to e retained longer in body, most research done on MgSO4 though
warming sensation? below the waist?
mm cramps? what if pt is def in both K and Mg? need Mg to split ATP
def in K in pts using diuretics, pts with vomiting/diarrhea, SAD diet, insulin dependent diabetics, long term prednisone therapy makes you dump K

*no iv calcium if taking dig, this includes myers cocktail!!

hydroxycobalamin is more active and more persistent
but some pts fare better if B12 given IM

denzyl alc, methylparabents may cause rxns

read CV dz case

can take form and change header, use in our own practice
will have to recalculate osmolarity based on what supplies you get
is hyperosmolar and acidic; can't put folic acid in there, it will precipitate as salt
35 ml syringe
uses sterile water in order to not increase osmolarity

60ml syringe
formula is old, Mg, Se, Zn, B5, B5, B12, B100, glutathione, thymus, Vit C, saline
formula includes thymus extract
HCl irritates white cells, "makes 'em feisty"
she customizes formulae, for 1 pt took out HCl and added DMSO as anti-inflammatory agent (what about in eyes)
pts with chronic EBV needs more vit C
consider 5Ml glycyrrhizic acid 8mg/ml osmol .08 for pts with chronic virus
switch to sterile water instead of saline to lower osmol when you have added ingredients
Tags: immunology, iv therapy, nd4, vit c

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