liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Trip Report: Lower Tilton, in Washington

Drive I-5 north to exit 68 or so, take hwy 12 east, takeout is state park. Run 6.5 miles long, class 3-4. really 3+ to 4- at this flow. First 1.5 miles or so of river are class I-II, pleasant, easy. Gorges are more intense. Flow was 1200, it was 1340 the night before. This is low runnable according to AW page, I'd call it medium, you could go plenty lower. Last mile is lake, becomes complete flatwater. Whitewater is pushy, good eddies, a few big holes, lots of nice waves and holes to surf, one hole that was a very sweet soft playhole, not retentive at all if you flip over but playable with a delicate touch. My boat was a little long and edgy for it, the very short boats had the best time in there. Last drop before the lake has a good boof, Gary's something?, also a sneak on the left. Group of 12 boaters all very solid and pleasant. 1/3 female boaters! Sunshine. Waterfalls coming in, great scenery. I think this run isn't done much because of the flatwater but I completely enjoyed it and would do it again. Also will seek out this crowd to boat with again.
Tags: kayak, river, washington, whitewater

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