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Grand Rounds (week 4): Cultural Competency and LGBT senior health about implicit associations <---this is the site
take tests to discover your own unconscious filters, about lots of things
the first step in cultural competency is to know who you are and what you believe

Carol French
masters in psych, used to be a high school counselor, loves teenagers
consultant on cultural competency
Figure eight consulting
interesting presentation on generational differences:
her diversity wheel:

3 million lgbt seniors (over 60) currently and number is increasing as boomers age
approx 10% of pop is part of lgbt pop (?)-->6-8 million lgbt seniors coming up

lgbt seniors invisible to healthcare system and to younger lgbt pop
the problem of homosexuality = old medical book
the well of loneliness, 1920's classic lesbian fiction
incr depression and premature death dt social isolation
1999 study NY study nearly 70% couldn't say who'd take care of them if they'd fall ill
caregivers make heterosexual assumptions and miss chance to connect with others
proposed way to ask the question: "what is your lifestyle?" "who is going to come visit you?"
cna's in corporate situation "diversity is apparent" so accept and acknowledge
lgbt elders 5x less likely to access senior svcs
Rainbow Elders = org without a central website
nursing homes may deny access, longterm care intimidating to lgbt pop
some go back in the closet to go in a home
"it wasn't OK to be gay"
(ok to be gay has a nice ring to it)

speaker "the Carol show" this morning, she usually brings a panel
expressive hands, well spoken
black shoes, pants, zip T fleece, turquoise T-shirt and matching dangly earrings
short salt and pepper hair, wire rimmed glasses, 69 years old
her coming out was difficult, she was married and a school teacher
she openly speaks about her own alcoholism, talks to people about what it takes to get sober and stay that way
"I bottomed out and got sober here in Portland and it was a good thing"
PDX as liberal bastion, lots of lbgt acceptance here
she says glbt, I just change it to lgbt because that's what I use
SE 33rd was called the "lesbian ghetto", she bought a house there
raised methodist, "those filters are still there"
"I like hunting more than I like factory farming"
"Leave the NRA sticker on the truck because everyone will think you're packin'"
"we're all graduates of MSU; making stuff up"
she has two caucasian sons and she "did not find them in the back yard"

gay and grey = org

goal: create allies in the community

40% of all street youth in Seattle are lgbt teens who've been kicked out of the house
lots attempt suicide

how often do pts lie?
"you have to come out all the time"
depends on how comfortable they are
and how out they are in daily life
how much they've had to lie
*best ways to ask "who will be coming to see you" "who will be making decisions for you"??

forms: don't ask if married, widowed or divorced

why it is imp to be out?
"because it's who you are"
issue: you come up against people's biases, conscious and unconscious

aside about having babies "out of wedlock" (wedlock!??)
Leonard Pitz column in the Oregonian this morning on William and Kate
70% of adult Americans were married in the 1950's
"everything changes"

know somebody inside each culture and ask them to help you understand
a "cultural informant"

how do you ask?
1) do not assume anything
2) recognize that there is a range of privilege that comes from being heterosexual
OK to show affection in public
can speak openly about your partner/relationship
don't face rejection from family
have positive role models

in related news....

Pending in Oregon, SB 97 requires the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and Oregon's health care professional regulatory boards to collaborate to develop standards for continuing education in cultural competence, develop a list of opportunities for continuing education, and coordinate with other states and national entities to develop and implement continuing education.

The bill also defines "cultural competence" as "the process by which individuals and systems respond respectfully and effectively to people of all cultures, languages, economic statuses, races, ethnic backgrounds, disabilities, religions, genders, sexual orientations and other characteristics in a manner that recognizes, affirms, values the worth of and preserves the dignity of individuals, families and communities."
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