liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Trip Report: Salmonberry

Re: Salmonberry on Sunday
R was TL, trip was posted to LCCC and OKCC
meeting time was early because of long shuttle
10 boaters showed up
shuttle heinous long and access to putin is steep 4WD
though not as bad as the drivers would have you think; they don't drive 4wd much
4.5 hours from meeting place to putin!! some dickin around in that number
boat fell off on the way to putin
water level was good, we could have run the north fork and not needed 4wd
lots of water, whitewater kicks up after confluence with NF
10 miles total river
our group split in half with all those with cars at the putin heading downstream
leaving me with weaker group to finish the run
I felt like frustrated herd dog, could not keep my group together
was worried someone would get in real trouble
biggest rapid: chew chew, first group all sneaked
I ran the main line, it was bad, two piton possibilities
tried to tell my group not to run it but two did anyway
first one swam
I was in the process of putting my rope back in my boat and didn't make the throw
he was able to swim into an eddy
there was a riverwide log farther down that we could have gone under
but we didn't know until we were too close and so portaged it on the left

last year's trip report
adequate flows for north fork were had last year at these flows
770cfs on the Wilson, 2030 on the Nehalem at Foss

flows for our run
3700 on the Wilson, 6500 on the Nehalem
warm day, snow was melting
NF would be good with less water
Tags: oregon, river, whitewater

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