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Paper Charts, Scheduling and Bookkeeping, or Open EMR?

This is what I'm looking at for my medical pracice.

Open EMR looks awesome. It's free, and customizable, and offers clean functionality in the areas that I need. I've also considered lots of other possible programs but I'm less impressed. Many are overly fancy, or rigid, or cost a monthly fee after they get you hooked. And once you put your charts on their program, you are trapped. Open EMR makes it easy for you to back up your data, and to move the database whenever you chose to do so. My main concern is that I would be dependent upon internet service to access my charts and schedule. What if the internet goes down? How often does the internet go down? What kind of internet service is available where I am going? How secure will my connection be? I don't know all this yet...but it matters. Looks like a hosted version could ease some of my concerns....still much research to do.

Paper charting and scheduling is straightforward. It's tempting to start with this simply because it is familiar. But it does not prepare me for the possibility that I might be successful. Very successful. If my practice takes off, I'll wish I had a computerized system started from opening day. And why not plan for that? Especially since it's free.

Got any other ideas for me?

Other software options considered:

Practice fusion

Clinic ND:

designed for integrative practices
can list the patient's supplements
tabs for lifestyle and nutritional recommendations
patients can also log into the site and see the recommendations you have made, fill out intake, etc
can design your own templates (easy to do), or use ones that others have uploaded
support people are responsive
contact: Dr. Stephen Rondeau, ND in Colorado.
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