liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Trip Report: Middle Middle Snowqualmie

It looked a lot like this but there was more water, and the mountains were snowy.

We ran it twice, on Saturday at about 1000cfs and again on Sunday with slightly more (1040). This is low water by Washington standards, but not low by my standards. Plenty enough water, milky green water, mist hanging on snowy peaks all around. Nobody else out there. Riverbed clearly scultped by much higher flows, rock bars in places, bouldery in places, lots of slot moves to be made between rox. Mostly class III, a few drops with some IVish character but not really IV at this flow. A few holes worth noticing. Lots of little surfable waves and holes, little boofs. Enjoyed it. Putin off Middle Fork road. We drove up to look at the Upper but there's a gate across the road where the gradient begins to pick up, and it was pouring rain and time to drive home, so we did not walk up to see the bigger drops. Could tell they were there.
Tags: kayak, river, washington, whitewater

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