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LJ plays a part in Russian rebellion

Another Russian language user just added me as a friend. I knew that there are a lot of Russians on LJ but until today I didn't know that LJ is playing a part in the efforts of the Russian intelligentsia to share information and circumvent state efforts to control all media. Learned of this thanks to neptunia67. I hope that LJ can withstand the attacks and continue to serve as a mode of communication for these people.

Things have come a long way since Roman Leibov, a literary scholar and social critic, launched the first Russian-language blog on LiveJournal in early 2001. Ten years later, cyberspace has become a powerful force in Russia for community action. In fact, blogging on has become a potent force for checking the corruption and power of the Russian state. Yesterday, this blogging community - which has faced frequent attacks recently - came under an unprecedented "sustained and powerful" attack. At 2 pm (4/5/11?), a massive attack targeted the top 5 blogs on LiveJournal, including Aleksei Navalny's blog (whose has just launched a new crowd-sourcing website called RosPil to combat state corruption). As LiveJournal administrators were responding to this attack, hackers targeted another 30 popular LiveJournal bloggers and communities. The attack - a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) - was successful in knocking LiveJournal offline.

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