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more straightforward than methylation piece in psych workup/dx
genetic disorder, runs in families
implicated in depression, anx, bipolar, schizo, autism, OCD, others

defect in heme catabolism
byproducts cleave to zinc and B6 which are then disproportionately excreted in urine

start with zinc tally test
serum zinc/copper, cu/zn will be incr in endocine disorders

urine test for excess B6 excretion:
urine kryptopyrrole, Lab Corps does it
(today 3/18/11 contacted labcorp re setting up new account)

zinc and B6 def sx
chronic fatigue
chronic pain
psych conditions

supp B6 and zinc
B6 start with P5P at 100mg/day
zinc start with 50mg/day, most pts stay there, some need more
supplementation needed lifelong or during periods of stress
avoid copper sources: copper IUD may exacerbate condition
shellfish, liver are main foods to avoid

Elissa Mendenhall grand rounds Feb 2011
Tags: anxiety, autism, bipolar, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, genetics, hemoglobin, neurotransmitters, nutrition, ocd, pain, psych, schizophrenia, vit b, zinc

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