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Looking into some stuff: Neal Boortz, Herman Cain

According to the GAO, Medicare is unsustainable:

Found this by surfing here:
Neal Boortz is a political commentator with decidedly Libertarian views. Someone in my life cited him as a source. Boortz insulted me right up front by saying that only home or private-schooled people can learn to think critically. I was public schooled, and my critical thinker works. I deduce that he might be wrong about other things too. I will check back in with him, for the moment I'm unimpressed with his logic.

Another person to watch: Herman Cain, born 1945 in Memphis, raised Baptist and married with kids, Master's from Purdue, ran for GA senate in '04 but lost, was chair of Fed Reserve Bank of Kansas City 95-96, vice pres of Pillsbury at age 32, turned around failing Burger King restaurants. Was diagnosed with stage 4 colon and liver cancer in 2006. (Factoid: 8-15% of people with stage 4 colon cancer are still alive five years after their diagnosis.) Wrote a book entitled They Think You're Stupid and the top credit he gives is to God. He has never held elected office, and is running for the Republican nomination for 2012. And he's black. Electable? Not with cancer.

Topic to think about: American exceptionalism. What do you think?

Global warming deniers
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