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Moving Target: Global Warming

I know that burning fossil fuels has changed the gas content of the atmosphere such that polar ice is melting and sea levels are rising faster than they would have because more of the sun's rays are trapped. I know this. It isn't just some theory to me, it is something backed up by so many streams of evidence that I can't argue against it any more than I can argue against evolution. And unfortunately I totally forgot all the specific factoids that I assimilated to arrive at that view. I'm sure there were bajillions of them. Now my mouth is to a different firehose.

But I'm also the yogini that thinks a conceal permit is cool. I'm the independent who likes both Ron Paul and Obama. I think we should have socialized medicine and go back to the gold standard too. I'm the anti-theist who believes everything is sacred. I'm not confused, I'm complex. You can't know where I stand by assuming that I fit in. No one with a single viewpoint can ever argue effectively with me. I'm a moving target with multiple lookouts.

Back to global warming, just because I believe that we have altered the course of our climate doesn't mean that I agree with any particular political platform connected with that belief. The Dems don't seem to have anything more useful to say about it than anybody else. Seems to me that the planet is just going to warm up and is usual in the course of evolution the slow movers and those trapped in resource poor areas will die. The rich will move plenty fast enough, so they don't give a shit. The poor and ignorant will pay, which is the way of our political system. I would fix it if I knew a way but I don't. And the Republicans would say that the poor and ignorant are that way because they don't want to work...and I can't really argue, knowing who I know. There are a whole lot of slackers in the world and I wouldn't mind if they got spanked a bit. But how? How do we kick ourselves into gear?

And as for the planet just warming up, of COURSE it is not that simple. The temperature does not go up evenly in all places. Some places get more rain or less, cooler temperatures instead of warmer, or more stormy or mild weather. Just depends on the local topography and air and water flows.

I thought this was common knowledge, that just about everybody who speaks English at least has this information. I guess I was wrong? This is not information, it is opinion? When did it get turned from fact back into opinion? Since when is everything scientific considered to be an opinion? Am I really all that out of touch?

I recently posted about a study done in California about plants migrating as local temperatures increased. The plant species studied were gradually propagating downhill toward water, instead of uphill toward cooler elevations. It wasn't what they expected. Science is the process of repeatedly proving yourself wrong.
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