liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Ron Paul Update

It's not for certain, but there is rumbling in the works about how Ron Paul polled up there with Mitch Romney in straw polling among Republicans. I have heard the suggestion that he could be the next Republican presidential candidate. The emails from inside the Liberty machine seem to be gathering information about how much support there is for a run by Dr Paul. So if you finger is not on the Libertarian pulse, consider yourself warned. We have not heard the end of this. I haven't read it yet but a friend of mine just sent me this link to an apparently excellent Atlantic article about "The Tea Party's Brain" (ie. Dr Paul). He's not the only brain involved, but there ARE some brains out there functioning behind the Tea Party, even though the idiotic and rageful participants get most of the media attention. For myself, I have become rather impressed with Obama, but if Ron Paul ran against him, I'm for Dr Paul. Obama knows what is up and is playing the game within the system. Dr Paul would disrupt the whole system. People fear such change, even when they are angry and want change. Dr Paul has some convincing to do to be electable, because his voting record shows no evidence of compromise. Compromise is necessary in our system of government, but his positions have not been well represented in the decisionmaking process. I'd like to see more rational advocacy of the longterm constitutional perspective. If/when Dr Paul begins to appear electable, I fear for his life. His preferred policies are so antithetical to the interests of big business that his airplanes are likely to crash for no obvious reason. Maybe he'll book the plane and take the train. =-]
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